Unlike most magicians I actually display my prices for all to see. I don’t charge more for weddings and less for birthday parties for example. I have a simple pricing structure with prices that are reasonably within reach of most people. Believe me, I am worth every penny.
While my material is not rude, crude, or otherwise offensive it is not designed for young children. I am happily perform effects for children who are present at events with great success. I can also do children’s parties if they are around the age of 10.
Actually I do perform a couple of non-card effects with objects such as rings and wallets etc. I also perform a classic of magic; the Cups and Balls. That being said I am a card specialist at heart. This means I perform astounding feats with ordinary playing cards that many magicians who are ‘jack of all trades’ simply can’t. Many magicians try and do everything but I focus the bulk of my attention on one genre. Sure there may be some musicians who can play loads of instruments but you only find mastery with those who play the one, and boy do they play it well.
Yes I am insured with £1 Million of public liability cover.
I have found that most of my work comes from customers in Essex, Suffolk, and London. I have on occasion been hired to perform at events further away and am happy to do so. There is an increase in cost due to the traveling time etc but nevertheless I find that my prices are very competitive even with these costs added.
Sorry, I simply can’t. However I often find myself teaching a simple trick or two to guests who are very keen to learn.
Yes I have students who come to me to learn magic on a regular basis. Feel free to contact us for more information.